Alena Fajtlová

Chlum u Třeboně - Žíteč
phone: 384 783 127
cell phone: 603 555 809

Penzion Oasa

We offer all – year long accomodation at a pension in Třeboň area ( Žíteč ) with the possiblity of tourism, cycling, fishing and swimming. Historical and cultural centres of Třeboň, J. Hradec, České Budějovice are within reach of train or bus transportation systems. In winter have the ski fans a chance of experiencing excellent cross-country terrains. Downhill racers can visit 30 km distant Austrian slopes. Czech- Austria border with a border- crossing is located just 5 km away.

Absolute privacy and friendly atmosphere is taken care of.

We can arrange for seminars, staff training or weddings in our saloon with a maximum capacity of 30 people.

Ubytování: Accomodation: sauna, whirpool for 2 people, protected swimming pool, biotronic lamp suitable for people suffering from joint pain and imflammation.


  • Classical
  • Chinese pressure massage
  • Honey massage - relieving massage with bee honey – old russian method of body toxic matter disposal
  • Reflexive massage - organ and body function check and suggested possible treatment of ailments by means of alternative medicine
  • Stress - how to get rid of it
  • Color therapy ( stimulation of acupuncture points on your body with color semi-laser )
  • Art therapy ( psychical relaxation making use of colors and works of art )

We offer a chance to barbecue, use the swimming pool, massaging pool


During your stay in our pension we offer Třeboň spa procedures as well as relaxation in Aurora ( Třeboň) spa pool complex.

Golf yards are available in the neigbourhood:



2 X double bedroom
  • accessories shared with all rooms, TV, fridge, without kitchen
  • price: 800 Kč with breakfast/2 person
1X triple bedroom
  • price: 1200 Kč with breakfast/3 person
  • TV, fridge

Health treasury

  • 5X double bedroom with own accessories
  • air conditioning, TV, fridge
  • price: 700 Kč per 1 person/night with breakfast
  • pool included in price
  • four bedroom apartment for handicapped
  • own accessory, TV, fridge
  • for families with children
  • price: 1800 Kč per apartment occupied with 4 people with breakfast
  • price. 1080 Kč apartment occupied with two people with breakfast


  • living room with kitchen, bedroom and two accessories
  • TV, fridge, kitchen
  • price: 1500 Kč for appartment occupied with 4 people
  • price: 2000 Kč for appartment occupied with 6 people


  • Mnich 30km
  • Hauschlag 40km
  • Hluboka nad Vltavou 55km


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